Your essential free multi-team Slack companion

View your favourite Slack channels without switching screens and instantly see what's new across channels and teams. Stackdash enables you to easily keep track of your Slack.

Login just once with your Slack account

Login with your existing Slack account and Stackdash will log you into all your linked teams and channels automatically.

Add your fav channels across multiple teams

Slack channels come and go as priorities and interests change. So Stackdash makes it super easy for you to add/remove channel views.

Instantly see what's new across all channels and teams

Timeline gives you one view of everything that's new. So there's no need to bounce around teams and channels to catch up.

Message a channel or DM a user without switching teams

Using your Slack login means that you can post a message to any Slack channel without leaving Stackdash. Also add a DM channel for a user.

Create a public view for any team channel

You can use Stackdash to single out a channel for sharing publicly, which is useful for conferences, meetings and events. Coming soon...

Add public channels

There are many free public Slack channels out there which you can browse anonymously. Add these teams to your dashboard and keep up-to-date on your favourite topics.

Keep up-to-date with two dashboard views


  • Easily add and remove channels and teams
  • Scroll left & right to view channels (swipe on mobile)
  • Newly added channels appear far-right
  • Easily move & organize channels to suit your focus
  • Customize with Slack color schemes
  • Messages support attachments, giphys and emojis
  • Post a message from any channel column.


  • Organises all channels in order of activity
  • Most recent activity is on the left
  • Scroll left & right to view channels (swipe on mobile)
  • Timeline shows up to 10 active channels
  • Messages support attachments, giphys and emojis
  • Retains your customized 'Home' color schemes
  • Post a message from any channel column.

Reasons to use Stackdash

On Apple TV, desktop and mobile, there are so many reasons to use and love Stackdash. Here are just a few:

Easily navigate teams

Is your team list (not) scrolling off the Slack desktop? Stackdash is an easy way to navigate your most important teams and channels.

Swipe to view channels

When you wake up or after a long meeting, login on your mobile and swipe left and right through your favourite channels to quickly catch up.

Customize with Slack colours

If you use color themes in Slack to distinguish teams and channels, you can reproduce this in Stackdash. You can also change the width and order of columns.

Perfect for public sharing

Live-cast an event, meeting, workshop or social gathering, use Stackdash to publicly share a Slack channel - no invites needed.

Slack on Apple TV

Get the 60" view on your Chat Ops (and giphys!), by streaming selected channels through Apple TV onto that big screen. Coming soon...

Simultaneous team chat

Got two or more conversations going at the same time? No problem! You can message in any number of different channels at the same time, without switching screens.

Get Started with Stackdash

Read our Stackdash user guide here

1. Login

Go to and select 'login' top-right. You can either login via your Slack account or by dragging the bookmarklet to your preferred browser.

2. Add more channels

Your 'Home' dashboard will automatically show standard team channels. To add more select 'Add Channels' top-right, choose a team, & then select channels from the dropdown.

3. View recent activity

Select 'Timeline' top-left to view all your channels in order of activity, with the most recent on the left. Timeline shows up to 10 channels with recent activity.