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The best way to get in touch with us is through our Slack channel. After installing our Stacktodo bot you can link directly to our channel which will appear in your Slack team. Channel members can get support, chat with other members, and get exclusive access to new tools and apps.

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About Stacktodo

Bots are in our blood ever since we wrote "Mr Ray" for Google Wave (back in the day). We do all our design and development in-house using the tools we love like Elixir, Phoenix and React - and Slack of course. We also run Bookry and Locly, so keep a lookout for interactive widgets and iBeacon proximity services coming to Stacktodo very soon.

Credits: Cartoons by Wittaya1988. Tool icons by Font Awesome. How-to icons by Peax Web Design.




Co-Founder, Developer


Co-Founder, Designer

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