Quickly see what's new across all channels in your team.

Add our browser extension to your Slack browser client and create an instant timeline of your team's activity across all channels. Simple but powerful, this tool enables you keep track of Slack and quickly catch up on what's new after you've been away.

Benefits of Timeline

Easily see what's new

Timeline displays all your team channels in order of activity so you can instantly identify which channels have new messages.

Use within Slack's Web Client

Add to your favourite browser so that your timeline appears directly in your Slack web client. Just add once to use across all teams.

...did we mention it's free?

Timeline, and it's big brother Stackdash are free to use for as long as you want, hip hip hooray!

How does it work?

Add the extension to your Chrome browser (Firefox and Safari coming soon) and see the Timeline link appear in the left-hand column of your Slack browser view. Click on it to see your team channels displayed as vertical columns in order of activity, with the most recent on the left. With Timeline you can instantly identify active channels and find the very latest messages.

Timeline Preview

Getting Started with Timeline

1. Get the browser extension

Go to the Chrome web store and search for Slack extensions. Find 'Slack Timeline' on the list and select it. You can also click here!

2. Add the extension

Click on the 'Add to Chrome' button. The Timeline link will automatically appear in your Slack desktop app, under your team name top-left.

3. Switch Teams

Click on Timeline to see the 10 most active Slack channels in that team. Switch teams and the timeline will change accordingly.

Got it? Let's get going...

Extension for Chrome