Block Bot

Make your Slack channel read-only.

Fed up of channel spam? Too many animated gifs for your liking? Has a message thread spiralled out of control? If that's the case then you can use our Block tool to make it read-only. Perfect if you want to keep your channel clean, tidy and free from extra noise.

Benefits of Block Bot

Use with any Slack channel

You can use any Slack channel for this tool but you may like to create a new channel for your quiet mumblings.

Not on the list?

All team members can view a blocked channel but can't write to it. Their message will appear for a split second, then get kicked off by the bot.

Spick and Span

Enjoy having a channel for stuff that you want people to find easily such as important documents and policies.

How Block Bot Works

1. Create your Slack channel

You can use any Slack channel but you may want to create a new channel to post stuff you want to share. More on creating channels.

2. Activate block on the channel

Use the Stackbot command to block all team members from the channel, then add team members who can comment.

3. Easily add & remove blocks

Easily block and unblock team members from your channel at anytime - it's time to play channel police! Nee nor....

How to Use Block Bot

Create a new channel or choose an existing one, invite Stacktodo in and type @stacktodo: block on. Now only you can write a message to that channel. Other members can only read messages and add emoji reactions to them. To enable another user to message on that channel type @stacktodo: block add @username. To block that user again, type @stacktodo: block remove @username.

View full instructions and commands here

Simple! Time to give it a go...

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