Form Bot

Collect enquiries from your website or app directly into Slack.

Customer feedback, sales enquiries, comments and suggestions - it's all great stuff, but keeping track of leads generated online can be a pain. The Stacktodo Form bot tool lets you collect all your enquiries in one place i.e. a Slack channel. All enquiry forms on this website use the Form bot.

Benefits of Form Bot

Use multiple Slack channels

With Stacktodo you can use multiple channels to collect your enquiries e.g. #webform, #appenquiry, #saleslead.

No coding required

Stacktodo creates your form online automatically, and you also get an embed code to place on your website if you wish.

Emojiflow follow-up

Slack will notify you when a new form request appears in your channel, ready for quick qualification by emoji.

How Form Bot Works

1. Create your form

Choose/create your channel, then tell Stacktodo what fields you'd like in your form.

2. Share your form

Our bot will give you the web-link to your new form (plus some code if you want to embed into your existing website).

3. Approval

Completed forms appear in your channel with a mailbox emoji. Add more emojis for qualifying and followup.

How to Use Form Bot

Create a new channel for your form and type @stacktodo: form here. This channel is now active as a form channel. When this form is submitted, the details will appear in this channel with a mailbox emoji. To give your form a title type @stacktodo: form title Request a call. You can also add more fields in the same way. Stacktodo creates a free web page for your form at

If you want to embed the form on a website then type @stacktodo form code and copy/paste this into your website.

View full instructions and commands here

Simple! Time to give it a go...

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