Invite Bot

Automatically add new members to your Slack teams.

Teams are at the heart of Slack but inviting and approving new members can take time, especially if your team is popular. Stacktodo makes this process easier by eliminating email and bringing the workflow into Slack, which you can manage using emojis.

Benefits of Invite Bot

Landing Page

We give you a landing page where new members can enter their email, name and a short description of themselves.

Emojiflow approval

You can choose automatic or manual approval. Manual approval takes seconds and can be done in Slack using emojis.

Multiple admins

With a landing page for invites and a channel dedicated to this process, more than one person can manage the workflow.

How Invite Bot Works

1. Create your landing page

Choose a channel or create one, then invite Stackbot in. DM him to create the page. He'll give you a URL to share with others.

2. Monitor new invites

You can monitor completed invite forms from your Slack channel. With auto approval, Stacktodo sends Slack email invites on your behalf.

3. Approve

With manual approval, you authorise requests as they come into your channel using emojis. Once approved, a Slack email invite is sent.

How to Use Invite Bot

Create your invite Slack channel and webpage

Create a new channel and invite Stacktodo to it. Type @stacktodo: create invite to make it your invite channel. The bot creates a webpage for you with the URL and you can customize the page using simple commands. When someone submits the form on this page, their details will appear in your channel and a Slack email invite is automatically sent to them.

Adding manual approval

Go to your newly created invite channel and type invite approval on. Now, when someone submits a form, you will need to add green check/tick emoji next to their details in your Slack channel. This gives Stacktodo to go-ahead to send a Slack email invite.

View full instructions and commands here

Got a stack of invites to do? Time to get them done!

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