Link Bot

Share one superchannel with multiple teams.

If you've got more Slack teams than you can shake a stick at, then why not just use a shared channel instead? Our Link bot tool lets you instantly share a channel with other teams. Your channel will auto-magically appear in their Slack list, ready for action - well, inter-action 😉. So simple, but incredibly useful.....and it takes just seconds to setup.

Benefits of Link Bot

Unlimited teams

You can share your channel with as many different teams as you like. It will appear in their Slack channel list automatically.

Easy collaboration

Build focused communities by bringing like-minded users together in one place e.g. customers, clients.

Read or Write

Make your shared channel read-only, or let members participate fully - the choice, as they say, is yours.

How Link Bot Works

1. Create your Slack channel

Use any channel or create a new one. Remember to invite Stacktodo to the channel.More on creating channels.

2. Find your channel code

In your Slack, DM Stacktodo to discover the unique code for your channel. Then give this to your users.

3. Connect

After inviting Stacktodo to their team your users simply ask him create the link. Hey presto it appears in their Slack. Job done!

How to Use Link Bot

In your team go to the channel you want to share and type: @stacktodo: link here. Stacktodo will respond with two codes; Read-only: lets you link a channel that other teams can only read, and Participate: lets you link a channel that other teams can read and write to. Then share this code with other teams. An invited team will need to create a new channel in their Slack and invite Stacktodo to that channel. Then they just paste in your code and the two channels will be linked.

View full instructions and commands here

Simple! Time to give it a go...

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