Publish Bot

Publish content on your website, blog or app directly from Slack.

Slack is a great platform for generating and sharing new ideas. Team channels are often a haven for discussion and creative thinking. So wouldn't it be great if you could turn comments into blog posts or news items, right from inside Slack? With Publish Bot you can.

Benefits of Publish Bot

Use any Slack channel

With Stacktodo, you can create either a snippet or post, and then publish it from any channel.

Emojiflow Approval

Team members can comment on your article in Slack and when you're done, you can publish it from Slack using emojis.

Real-time publishing

You can publish to a website, blog, app, or all of them if you like! Any changes made in Slack will be replicated elsewhere.

How Publish Bot Works

1. Get writing

Stacktodo automatically creates a blog page for you and you can publish any snippet or post from your message thread.

2. Get comments

Anyone in your channel can read the snippet/post in Slack and comment on it using texts and emojis.

3. Publish using emojis

When you're happy with your content then select 'create a public link' and a green emoji will appear indicating that it's live!

How to Use Publish Bot

Create your publishing channel

Create a new channel and invite Stacktodo to it. Now type @stacktodo: publish here. This channel is now active as your publishing channel. Any team member in this channel can publish from here. The bot also creates a free publishing page for you, which can be seen at

Publish a snippet or post

First create a post/snippet, or share one with your new publishing channel. Next select the more actions icon (3 dots) and then create public link from the drop down. Your post is now live on your free publishing page, and a green book emoji will appear under the message to indicate this. Stacktodo can also provide you with the embed code to publish directly to a website, simply type in @stacktodo: publish code and copy and paste what you need for your website.

View full instructions and commands here

Easy! Let's get publishing...

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