Remote for Slack

Make custom remote buttons for your Slack channel

From reception desks to meeting rooms, use our Remote app and Stacktodo bot together to post messages to a Slack channel from any mobile device.

Slack-first bot & app

Setup your app remote actions in Slack using simple bot commands and get responses back into a channel.

Android & iOs

Our Remote app works with many Android and iOS devices. Get the free app from Google Play or the App Store now.

As many buttons as you like!

Each app can handle multiple actions and you can download as many apps as you like on as many devices as you like!

How Remote Works

1. Setup the app in Slack

Setup your action buttons in a Slack channel and scan the unique QR code using your device. Your buttons will appear in the app automatically.

2. Press an action button

Place the device where you want it e.g. on reception, or a meeting room door. Users tap on the device to make their selection.

3. Receive a message in Slack

Once the action has been triggered on the device, a custom message is instantly delivered to the channel in Slack by our bot.

Getting Started with Remote

Create your app channel

Create a new channel and invite Stacktodo to it. Now type @stacktodo: remote here This channel is now active as your configuration and notification channel. Next type @stacktodo: app to get your unique QR code for that channel.

Download the app to your device

Next download the app from or Google Play or App Store. Open the app on your device and scan the QR code - the app is now linked to that channel, awaiting commands from our bot.

Setup your app from the Slack channel

You can now setup the app actions in your Slack channel. Type @stacktodo: title to add some instructions in the app, followed by @stacktodo: button 1 New Delivery. Repeat to add more buttons. You'll also need to write a Slack notification message for the button, and a response to send to the user. To replicate this on another device, simply download the app again and scan the same QR code. Easy!

Let's create a remote for Slack...