ORIGAMY: Synthetic Biology Fiction

So I’m a bunch of the way through Rachel Armstrong’s ORIGAMY now, and here’s the thing:

There’s a field of rogue mutant hair transplants, and the hair field is grazed upon by a trip of transgenic goats, and there’s like five pages on the digestive processes of these goats, including shoals of microsquid that live in one of the four stomachs. And it’s brilliant.

If you’re not up for that: the book is about people who use chopsticks to tie knots in spacetime for travel purposes. And art.

Rachel is a synthetic biologist — I met her at a think-tank in Eindhoven a few years ago — and ORIGAMY is what happens when you let a synthetic biologist write a full work of speculative fiction. Possibly this practice will be banned after ORIGAMY is released.

It’s an incredibly dense piece of bizarre fantastika balanced artfully on a very simple structure, a journey of discovery, secrets and ancient threats. Parts feel like they’ve come from fable, or folk tales about strange circus people. In reading it, I’ve gotten through about ten pages at a time before having to stop and stare into space and process everything that’s just been dumped into my head. It’s like she freebased twelve novels into one intense concentrated rock.

ORIGAMY is a magnificent, glittering explosion of a book: a meditation on creation, the poetry of science and the insane beauty of everything. You’re going to need this.

It comes out on April 3 2018, and, afterwards, there will only be people who have read ORIGAMY and people who have not, and neither of them will be able to understand the other.

You can pre-order it direct from the publisher here, or through Amazon (UK) (US)

Examples of System Integration and How to Implement It

Signup.team – Actually there are many examples of system integration today. Meanwhile, the concept itself is related to others using many ways as needed. This is very useful for speeding up user performance when it requires data to be used by other procedures. As output becomes input.

The advantage is that it can make the flow of organizational information better. However, in compiling relevant reports it usually takes a lot of time. But thanks to the merger, everyone can get the information they need at the same time.

But even so, to be successful as it should be, this practice must be complemented by a clear strategy first. So the main goals and objectives should be made beforehand. So that all forms of service improvement in advancing business or bureaucracy can be successfully realized as they should be. So pay attention to the flow before doing the merger.

However, when the system is combined, the effectiveness of the work of employees increases for each agency. Considering the need for coordination of each agency unit is increasingly complex, so that the presence of a system merger is increasingly needed by the company. Below are examples of system integration, including:

Examples of Implementation in Companies

One example is a company engaged in the cement industry. For the management, the form of information and the supply flow must be combined as well as possible because it can affect everything. So they need professional and adequate IT assistance for the progress of the company’s business.

There are many reasons why they need a system merger. That is, the distributors are widely spread in various regions so that a centralized method is needed so that each order delivery can be fulfilled as well as possible. In addition, it could also be because the distribution network consists of 2 factories, hundreds of distributors, and dozens of forwarders.

According to the example of system integration, IT personnel are needed who can integrate all information data as needed. In practice, the IT team must be able to realize the company’s goals, implementing the best possible system platform for business development. As a result, there have been several improvements and improvements to the company’s performance such as increased sales. To do this system integration, of course, there are conditions so that the integration process works well and smoothly. The requirements for the realization of system integration are:


Every Application Owner must be Willing to Collaborate so that the Integration Process can be Executed.


The management of cooperation between the Collaborating Parties must be synergistic. When Party I Requires the Required Data, then Party II finishes providing the Data so that it can be Transferred Automatically.


Designated IT Team Partners have successful integration experience. This is very important considering that integration has a very high level of complexity. The IT team is required not only to understand the business process of the application that he makes, but all the applications that will be integrated.